The Scribblers Hall Mission Statement

Scribblers Hall is a collective that encourages collaborative projects, individual expressions and artistic challenges. Random acts of creativity are engaged as the word and the line become one, and the Scribblers share ideas and inspiration, and occasionally some allegorical alliteration.

Scribblers Hall is a troika of artists, bound together to create a unique experience. Founded by Paul Victor Wargelin, a writer of fictions from the Old West to the far future; Christian Berntsen, another scribe who dabbles in the melding of words and pictures known as comic books; and Bryan Landsberg, an abstract figurative artist and surrealist painter—collectively the Scribble Men—they aim to set your mindclock on end, and raise the visual decibels past the eleven mark.

Scribblers Hall is—and always will be—a work in progress.

Scribblers Hall is…

The Scribble Men Their Ownselves

Paul Victor Wargelin

Paul Victor Wargelin is a mild mannered copywriter for a major metropolitan publishing house. When not earning a paycheck, he courts several muses in the Eastern and Western musical arts through his simultaneous studies in learning to play ragas on the sitar and rock ‘n’ roll on the bass guitar. Paul’s interest in all things science fiction, fantasy, horror, and western books, films, and comics have resulted in his being the author of more than a dozen short stories appearing both in print and online, including two selected as Honorable Mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. He conducted interviews and wrote reviews for Comic Culture and also reviewed films, books, and comics for Feo Amante’s Horror Homepage.
Paul is the author of Twisted Tumbleweed Tales and holds the reins of the Strangecoach, a blog dedicated to exploring the Weird West.   

Bryan Landsberg

The Eastern Long Island artist Bryan Landsberg, is an interdisciplinary artist who is motivated by his visions and driven by the act of creating in any mode, material, medium, and mindset at his immediate disposal. He describes this vision using a personalized visual vocabulary made up of his preoccupations. He studied Art at Long Island University and furthered his artistic education backpacking through Europe—experiencing Art History firsthand.

Bryan’s work has been displayed in several exhibitions and has been purchased by many private collectors throughout the country. His work has also been featured in independent film, and on television, as well as in such publications as the Southampton Press, Dan’s Paper, and

He joins the Scribblers Hall to create experimental collaborative work of words and images as another outlet to hone and expand upon his craft.

Christian Berntsen

Known by another name to a handful of people across the internet, Christian Berntsen (which, indeed, is his real name) is a writer, sometime sculptor, and a guy who wishes he had the drive to pursue a dozen other creative endeavors but probably never will. He has written articles and conducted interviews for the former Comic Culture magazine, had a smattering of poems published in various online magazines and self published comics over the course of the last decade. After taking more than a year off from writing he has returned with a renewed spirit and only slightly more energy for it than he had previously. We'll see what happens.

No stranger to blathering online, Scribblers Hall is one of the current online portals to his musings (unless he's using that other name, that is)--as well as collaborations with his fellow Scribblemen--but to find out what else is on his mind, check out his personal blog N*T*S*E.

Rumor has it he's also magic.